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Neuro-linguistic Programming

Saskatchewan Regina Therapy Counselling Psychology Assessment - Unbridled Horse Therapy Therapist Equine
Saskatchewan Regina Unbridled Horse Equine Therapy Assessment Psychology

 Information about NLP, personal and professional transformation, what NLP is and what it can do for you, courses offered, course content, and course fees.

Judy is a trainer of NLP, has been delivering practitioner and master practitioner course since 1990. Judy finds that NLP is one of the main modalities she utilizes in her psychology practice. NLP is recognized as a behavioral modality in psychology. Judy finds the rapport techniques have assisted her in really being present with her clients. Her clients consistently express that they  really feel they are heard and connected with Judy.


Judy utilizes the NLP techniques to assist her clients in making unconscious and conscious shifts. Judy finds the techniques very powerful in making long term changes. Judy loves clinical hypnosis and utilizes this process to support her clients’ and students’ unconscious/conscious shifts, goals, dreams and open their minds to dreaming, creating, and growth. 

*courses are currently under development, watch for course launch dates.

What can these NLP courses do for you?

NLP is a field of study that supports personal and professional development. Anywhere you need to show up and be your best, this is the field of study for you! Want to create effective relationships, be a better leader, entrepreneur? Want to be a better parent?  Learn to move through any blocks that stop you, develop more effective resources and strengthen current powerful resources. Develop and challenge yourself? Learn to be more creative? Intuitive? Want to be a more effective communicator? Learn how to deeply listen, be present, and communicate more effectively. Learn strategies to not only release blocks and barriers but to install more effective strategies, values and beliefs. Learn to incorporate the behavioral modalities that will move you forward achieving the dreams you desire! NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner offer that growth opportunity for you! Who will benefit? Individuals- personal and professional, parents, educators, health professionals, leaders, marketing personal, business professionals, and entrepreneurs will find this course valuable. Coaches, counsellors, social workers, and psychologists will find this model filled with effective strategies to work with clients. 

Judy finds many self-development and counselling modalities give you the what, but not the how. NLP is filled with lots of how. This is what makes this model so effective, it gives you many exercises to begin to make changes and shifts, and then it teaches you how to build your own models. NLP works to break long time ineffective conscious and unconscious patterns, and then it helps one build more effective patterns. 

NLP has processes to build effective rapport with yourself and others. This is an incredible skill that assists people in being more effective in all their relationships. This is powerful skill that improves interactions with yourself and others. NLP has processes for changing the way you think and process things. Beliefs can be changed. NLP assists a person in gaining more personal congruence and authenticity. Have trouble separating yourself from others? NLP helps one develop and set boundaries. Learn strategies to improve these skills. Learn how to listen to your intuition and improve creativity. The course assists a person in creating effective cognitive and critical thinking strategies. Metaphors are a delightful way to engage the unconscious mind to start making change, and it bypasses the judgment of the conscious mind. i.e., I can’t make change, I won’t be able to do that. NLP techniques assist people on focusing on what they want versus what they don’t want. Counsellors, social workers, psychologists and coaches will love the many processes that assist a client to make changes. 

NLP has Practitioner, Master, Trainer, and Master Trainer levels. Judy has been offering NLP practitioner and Master practitioner programs since 1990. Practitioner and Master Practitioner will be offered in an on-line format. There will be modules delivered via workbook, handouts, instruction and teaching videos, exercises, and zoom coaching sessions. These coaching calls focus on any questions you have with the models, ensure your understanding and incorporating the material, and assist you in moving through any of your individual blocks. The videos, training manual, and handouts will outline the teaching and give demonstrations on how to incorporate the material. 

Personal coaching lessons will offer personal challenges to help participants make personal lifechanging shifts. Clinical hypnosis recordings will be provided to back up these lifechanging shifts. These trainings are delivered in a personal, supportive manner, and provides relevant neurological, cognitive, behavioral psychological research. 

You decide on the level of zoom and coaching calls meet your needs. You decide if you wish to be certified or are satisfied by learning all the incredible NLP techniques.

Saskatchewan Regina Unbridled Horse Equine Therapy Assessment Psychology
Saskatchewan Regina Unbridled Horse Equine Therapy Assessment Psychology Stream Water

NLP Practitioner Training

This is the first level of training in NLP. This level is about creating the foundation of NLP skills. At this level you will begin to create more sensory acuity; being present and aware of your surroundings and others. You will learn to structure your language to facilitate creation of outcomes and work effectively with others. You will learn to work with strategies that impact changes at the neurological level. You will learn to be artful in creating change in yourself and others. The skills taught at the practitioner level will advance your effectiveness as a person, coach, or counsellor. 

The following areas are covered in the NLP Practitioner training:

  • presuppositions of NLP

  • present to desired state model

  • well formedness conditions for outcomes

  • state management

  • rapport

  • pacing and leading

  • sensory acuity

  • calibration

  • representational systems (sensory predicates and accessing cues)

  • association, dissociation and perceptual positions

  • accessing and building resources

  • meta model

  • milton model

  • anchoring (basic, stacking, collapsing, chaining)

  • submodalities (analogue, digital, critical and driver)

  • swish pattern

  • standard belief change

  • strategies

    • TOTES

    • well formedness conditions for strategies

    • eliciting, calibrating and utilising strategies

    • pattern interrupts

    • Judy’s ABC strategy model 

  • NLP frames

    • outcome frame

    • backtrack frame

    • relevancy frame

    • as if frame

    • agreement frame

  • reframing

  • content/context reframe

    • 6-step reframe

    • spotting and utilising incongruity

  • visual squash

  • new behaviour generator

  • chunking and sequencing

  • metaphors

  • basic timeline work

  • logical levels

Master Practitioner

Completion of the NLP Practitioner is required. The Master Practitioner assists you in diving deeper in your NLP skills. You will learn skills that facilitate your more effective understanding of others and the patterns they have internalized. Advanced language patters facilitate one in making changes at a conversational level. Values are introduced and processes to align and change values are taught. Modeling is taught so one can effectively model peoples of excellence. You will learn to work with strategies, behavioral and cognitive, to recognize, change, and install. The Master practitioner will teach you strategies to be more congruent, authentic, and purposeful in life. 

The following areas are taught at the Master Practitioner Level:

  • Advanced submodalities 

  • Advance language patterns

  • Sleight of Mouth

  • Installation and utilization of strategies 

  • Meta Programs

  • Advanced Metaphors

  • Modeling -replicating excellence, skills, and strategies

  • Presentation Skills 

Image by Nicolas Castez


Note the same processes are conducted for NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner.
Practitioner must be completed prior to Master Practitioner.

Option one: Receive all the manuals, handouts, instruction and teaching videos, exercises and
hypnosis integrative recordings.
NLP Practitioner Price : $3,000.00 (pay in full)
NLP Practitioner : $350.00/month for twelve months.
NLP Master Practitioner Price: $4,000.00 (pay in full)
NLP Master Practitioner Price: $400.00/ month for twelve months.
Course Delivery Dates: This course is available for you to start at any time. If you pay for your
course up front, you have access to your course for 12 months, but can complete the course
within six to twelve months. If you choose to pay over the 12-month period, you complete your
course in twelve months. Contact the office for sign up.

Option two: Modules delivered via workbook, handouts, instruction and teaching videos,
exercises, integrative hypnosis recordings and two personalized clinical hypnosis break-through
sessions (value $500), and 12 one-hour zoom coaching sessions (value of the zoom sessions
alone is $1,920).
NLP Practitioner Price: $5,500.00 (pay in full)
NLP Practitioner Price: $550.00/month for twelve months.
NLP Master Practitioner Price: $6,000.00 (pay in full)
NLP Master Practitioner Price: $600.00 per month for twelve months.


Course Delivery Dates: Practitioner and Master Practitioner Courses, that are paid in full, may
choose a six-month or a twelve-month completion date. Practitioner and Master Practitioner
Courses, that are paid over a twelve-month basis, must choose a twelve-month completion date.
Contact the office for sign up.

*courses are currently under development, watch for course launch dates.

NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification: Complete option one or two NLP
(practitioner must be completed prior to master practitioner) and participate in certification
process to become an NLP Practitioner. Videos will be provided to Judy to analyze your
NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Price: $1,200.00

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