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Mediation Services

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Information about the process of mediation, types of mediation services provided, and fees.

Judy offers conflict resolution services to couples, families, and groups. Judy conducts separation mediations. Judy utilizes the interest-based mediation approach; the needs of all parties are considered.

There are seven stages to mediation: perspective sharing, repeating of the other person’s perspective, defining of needs, generation of options, testing of options, deciding on the best option, and creating a contract. Perspective sharing is where one person, at a time, shares their perspective of the conflict. The person listening reflects back what they have heard, until the other person feels heard or understood. Each person generates their needs, based on their perspective. Needs revolve around three contexts, emotional, concrete, and process (the how things happen). Utilizing all person’s needs, options are generated as to how to meet all needs as effectively as possible. Once lots of options are generated, those options are tested against all parties needs; all parties needs must be met, effectively, for the option to be considered. The parties decide which option/s they will incorporate. A contract is written and parties agree to place the options into practice. 

Separation/divorce mediation involves the outlining of property division and agreements in regards to children. Information on assets and liabilities are gathered. The parties and the mediator meet and explore options for division of property, distribution of debt,  custody, access, educational plans, childcare, and financial needs of the child, i.e., cloths, activities. Once the parties agree, a mediated agreement is drafted, parties review, and if in agreement sign. Once the agreement is signed, each party, must take it to their own lawyers to have the agreement legalized. 

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$300/50 minute session; $200/hour document preparation.

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