About Judy

Information about Judy, her training and experience, and philosophies on counselling/personal development.


Gateways Counselling has been present for people and their issues since 1988..There are times in every person’s life where one wants a safe place to speak and be heard. At Gateways Counselling the commitment is to be present with you, to non-judgmentally listen, and to support your healing journey.

Judy Wright is a M. Ed. Registered Psychologist and is registered with the Saskatchewan
College of Psychologists in the areas of clinical, counselling, and developmental. Populations
serviced are: children ( age 5 and up), adolescent and adults. Sessions are provided for
individuals, couples and families. Judy holds a Bachelor of Arts, High Honors in Psychology,
Minor in Religious Studies and a Masters in Educational Psychology. Judy is a certified trainer
of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (1990) and a trained mediator (2000). Judy worked as a
supervisor and manager in insurance and stock/bond companies, and the credit union system for
over 30 years. Judy has had the pleasure of working with Hawaiian Huna Shamans, Peruvian
shamans, and Navajo, Ojibwa and Cree elders. Judy incorporates humanistic and cognitive
behavioral perspectives, along with clinical hypnosis, and a wide range of evidenced based

Judy brings her warm spirit and wisdom to all her training and counselling sessions. Judy
believes that a counsellor or trainer must stand as a witness or “walk with a person through their
experiences.” Judy feels our world would find more healing if more people experienced
compassionate listening. Judy is there to assist people in finding their own inner richness and
personhood by offering her support and encouragement. Judy encourages people to face and
move through their issues by confronting and challenging in an honest and caring manner. Judy
encourages people to transform their lives so they may experience their own power and create
their dreams.

Judy does not “solve” your problem, but works with you to assist you in discovering the best
processes and strategies that work for you. People may need guidance and suggestions as to what
to incorporate and how to change, but the final decision is up to the client. Judy uses her
expertise and evidenced based techniques to work with each individual, couple or family. Judy
works, as member of their team, to help them develop more effective cognitive, emotional and
behavioral strategies.

Judy believes that inside every person is a sense of goodness and wonderment that needs to be
fostered and encouraged. Judy does not believe that people are broken, but rather that people’s
difficulties arise from ineffective cognitive and behavioral strategies. Life strategies, even
ineffective strategies, are the most effective strategies that a person could create, in that moment.
Judy recognizes that at times these unhealthy patterns are learned through family of origin or
other “learning opportunities” along life’s way; i.e., divorce, loss of a loved one, lack of self-
love, and other challenges life presents. Judy is here to help you gently learn to accept yourself
and find a new way of living. Strategies, beliefs, and behaviors can be changed and what is
learned can be unlearned.

Ask yourself...


“Shame is the most powerful master emotion. It’s the fear that we’re not good enough” 

-Brene Brown