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Equine Assisted Coaching

Information about equine assisted coaching, horses, trainers, facilities, delivery methods, and fees.
Saskatchewan Regina Unbridled Horse Equine Therapy Assessment Psychology Jasper

Meet Jasper!

Jasper is a 19-year-old ½ quarter ½ Morgan. Jasper is always a gentleman and loves pets, brushing and competing! Jasper is my super partner in cowboy mounted shooting. He also participates in the equine assisted learning programs.

About the Program

Judy has offered equine assisted coaching since 2015, in conjunction with Roberta and Cain Quam (Quam Performance Horses). Currently workshops are being offered either with Judy only or with Judy and Roberta. Judy wants to thank Cain Quam for his years of guidance, mentoring and working with Judy to develop her skills with horses. Judy brings her experience as a psychologist, counsellor, trainer and mediator. Roberta, her experience as a yoga teacher, participation in many self-development trainings and workshops. Cain, his years of working with horses and people to build their success. Teambuilding, leadership, relationship, self-development workshops and mental health development opportunities are offered.

Trainings are built around the participants that attend and as such each training takes on its own unique blend. There is no riding involved, all learning takes place utilizing ground exercises with the horse. 

Horses are herd and prey animals, and therefore they are very aware of their surroundings. Cain Quam states “horses have read you the moment you step into the barn.” Horses provide the ultimate bio-feedback to your non-verbal communication. Learning to work with an 1100-pound animal can assist in building confidence and assertiveness. The horses that are used are part of the Quam Performance Horses training program. They are incredibly trained, safe, and make wonderful workshop partners. Lessons learned are immediately transferable to your life. Time is spent to explore barriers, move through patterns, and digest the learnings. Your trainers have the expertise to understand participants patterns, and create supportive opportunities to address those patterns. Participants have, even years later, stated how much these trainings have impacted their personal and professional lives. Individual and group sessions are available. 

Trainings and individual sessions take place at Quam Performance Horses training facility along with being offered at a new facility: Shauf Performance Horses. There is a heated indoor barn, arena, viewing area and indoor washroom facilities. 

Prices (Canadian)

Individual: $200/ hour with Judy 

2-day workshop, i.e., Leadership, teambuilding, self-development: $900 & GST 

Mental Health workshop: developed based on individual needs: phone for price and to book.

Specially developed workshops: Throughout the year Roberta and Judy offer workshops, i.e.; parenting, depression, and anxiety. Stay tuned for when those are offered or phone to book. Workshops can also be built to meet your special needs, contact Judy to arrange. 

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