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ray ban sunglasses outlet sale of fashion will be the company's new creative director Peter Copping. Copping was born in the United Kingdom, De La Renta died, he took over the post of creative director, for which he resigned from the original creative director of the position of Nina Ricci, left Paris to New York. Fashion show, he said he had just arrived in New York for about six weeks, now living in the West Village (West Village), their original furniture are left in France did not bring over. His new home is empty, the schedule is full - in order to design the next series of fashion, he is currently busy research fabric. 'I'm very happy to be here,' he said before the fashion show began. 'I'm going to start a new life in New York and take on a new challenge to become a new member of this great fashion brand.' He did not attend Early autumn series of design, but he and De La Renta as sitting in the audience with the editors to watch the fashion show. Boren believes that the brand new and old designer handover, the new successor of the designers discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban outlet This series includes a range of fashion from the daily dress to dinner dress. Daily dress colors, using a double-sided cashmere as fabric; dinner dress is made of embroidered tulle and silk brocade. Oscar de la Renta Pre Fall 2015 'We want to make out of the clothes can continue his style,' King said, 'We in accordance with his style, designed and produced his favorite kind of skirt wide dress.' Not only the whole fashion Series is full of de Laren Tower style, gold and other people's design inspiration comes from de la Renta. Such as the color of clothing, to a certain extent, inspired by his garden tomatoes, and hit the color and clothing style inspiration, then come from the gold to find a portrait of Indian princes and nobility painting. 'I like this painting,' said Oscar, 'Oh, this painting is Indore (Indore, a city of India) Dajun ah.' Obviously, he knew the man in the painting. This is the Oscar, He's got everything to look at and understand, 'Boren said. Now, the clothing brand is facing its turning point. ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet and brands are facing greater pressure: 'Honestly, we would have liked to have more opportunities to adjust to adapt to this transition period.' Oscar But early autumn series and the afternoon of this fashion show or continued the previous style of the brand, without trace to achieve the old and new designers and the smooth transition between the old and new studio. With silver embroidery of the navy tulle dress is completely Oscar-style reproduction. A picture of a short reproduction of a series of the past by DeLaLaTa presided over surgeon early autumn series and vacation series of fashion, and T stage is staged a complete de la Renta fashion conference. 'It looks like we're doing this fashion show today,' Bolen said. 'This time we're not arguing about what music to use. In 1500, a Portuguese exploration team in Brazil found a gem, shining with colorful neon, like a rainbow from heaven to the center of the earth, these spiritual stones in the reincarnation of the world unique glory, after tempering into ray ban sunglasses factory outlet

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